Monday, August 19, 2013

Inside the triangle quilt!

I don't know about everyone else, but my favorite part about making a quilt is picking out the fabrics. And shopping, dudes, I love fabric shopping... and I also enjoy fabric browsing.

At home, I like pulling fabric off the shelves, out of the drawers, and sorting through my scrap bin for things, and rearranging colors, and pulling them out, and leaving them in a big pile to deal with later because I can't be bothered to put stuff away where it belongs in the moment.

Just being honest. Though, seriously, that quickly becomes a problem in a space as small as my sewing room. I haven't seen my desk in months!

So, I thought, in honor of starting, I'd share my fabric picks for this quilt. It's for my daughter's room, which is green. She will be soon leaving her toddler bed and moving up into a twin sized bed. I justified purchases for the Lotta Jansdotter quilt I made saying it would be for her, but when it was done, I wasn't able to let it go to her. It's so white! and she's so... apt to destroy stuff...

I started with two prints - one from Lotta Jansdotter from Bella that I like to think of as rocks and leaves, and one of Lizzy House's pearl bracelets - the deep purple one. I added hot pinks, and then greens and then stole the color scheme of her wall hanging... to add turquoise, royal blue... (and looking at it now, I should have found that butterfly print! It would have been perfect!) and I had to add my Lizzy House coral ducks, and then I added some more coral to flush it out.

So, sorry as I am about to bore you with minutia, I really find this sort of thing interesting and perhaps necessary - a record of those fabrics, if you will, that have passed through my hands. Feel free to skip or skim as required.

It's the final line up:

 Clockwise from upper left - Rashida Coleman-Hale, Tsuru, Of a Feather; Lotta Jansdotter, Bella, Ball and Leaves; random sheep print from a LQS; Laurie Wisbrun, Modern Whimsy, circles; Ed Emberley, Happy Drawing Too, Sheep; Sarah Jane, Children at Play, Summer Gardens. The bottom row is left side a blueprint type print from a discount fabric store in MN, and the right is Jay McCarroll, Center City, Palm Springs (one of my favorites!) (4 from PCF)

Clockwise from upper left: Kiss dot in purple (pretty sure); Bats! from a swap; purple flowers (no idea where these came from); Robert Kaufman Spot On tiny dot; Windham Spin crosshatch (I have this in two other colors as well, so, three out of the four ain't bad?); and Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet in grape. (3 from PCF)

royal blue!
 Top Row from left: Marin Sutton, Maritime Modern, Bubbles; Steffie Brocoli, In the Forest, Moon and Sun; probably a kona solid?; an organic Viking blender from Timeless Treasures.
Bottom Row from left: Ed Emberley, Happy Drawing Too, octopuses and dogs; something I bought when I lived in Illinois; a Spoonflower print from Katherine Codega; a star print I bought two yards of on clearance - I have a weakness for stars. (3 from PCF)

hot pink!

Clockwise from top left: Random mottled dot from LQS (only enough for this one triangle, too); Laurie Wisbrun, Modern Whimsy, circles; Tula Pink from the Birds and the Bees; Eleanor Grosch,  Mixteca, Sparro; Joel Dewberry, Notting Hill, Primrose; Michael Miller quarter dots. (3 from PCF)

I call it "dark lime green" and friends...
Clockwise from top left: Not sure - it came from deep within the stash; Moda Bella solid in Leaf; Bella solid in Light Lime; bird print from a cat line from LQS; Michael Miller Ta Dot in Lime (leftovers from backing the frog quilt); Alison Glass, Lucky Penny, Bike Path. (4 from PCF)

Clockwise from top left: one of my prints from Spoonflower (it's called bluebird); Nancy Mims, Pop Posies; from LQS in Illinois; no idea- have had this one forever; from a swap - wish I could get more! so amazing!; from LQS. (1 from PCF)

Top Row: Felicity Miller, Charleston Farmhouse, Plumberry (really like this blender - bought it in several, though not all, the colors.); Violet Craft, Madrona Road; Haystack (ditto!); not sure, got a yard off Etsy a while back. The name is something like Radiance?

Middle Row: Michael Miller Dumb Dot, Kona Steel; Zen Chic, Comma, Commas.

Last Row: Jay McCarroll, Habitat, For The Birds; Michael Miller Neon Dot in Luna (my favorite!); Michael Miller Dumb Dot. (6 from PCF)

 Clockwise from top left: Lizzy House, Hello Pilgrim, Butterfly; It's from Windham, the word Play is on the selvage - I picked it up at a quilt show; Sarah Jane, Children at Play, Wallpaper Flowers; -empty spot-; Lizzy House, Red Letter Day, Ducks in a Row; Felicity Miller, Charleston Farmhouse, Plumberry. (2 from PCF)

and the rest...
Clockwise from top left: Heather Ross, Briar Rose, Calico; Anna Maria Horner, Field Study, Mind's Eye; -empty spot-; one of my Spoonflower prints (this one is called, very cleverly, "suns"); Erin McMorris, LaDeeDah, Floradots (I also have the yellow); Can-can dancers! Not sure about the attribution, but from a Japanese manufacturer. They don't really fit the color scheme either, but they fit the recipient if that makes sense... So, in they go! (4 from PCF)

So, for those of you counting along... 30 of these 60 fabrics came from Pink Castle Fabrics! And I also took many of these pictures at a sew in there... There is no doubt that I am a very lucky, and poorer, girl for living so nearby a fantastic modern fabric store.

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