Sunday, June 8, 2014

The other Echino circle skirt!

I went to Camp Stitchalot this weekend, (so much fun!) and as I was packing projects for that, I came across a skirt I had all but finished at the last Camp Stitchalot. So embarrassing. All it needed was a hem! And actually, the hem it needed was already pinned, it just needed to be sewn up. Oops.

So, I decided that I would do that, the night before I left for camp and wear the skirt to camp, finally done. And so I did!

I just top stitched it, to be quick, and I ended up using two shades of pink thread, because one spool ran out early, but no one knows (but you and me) and it looks fine.

This one is fabulous. I tried the thick waistband, and that's fine, but the awesome feature is the pockets.

These pockets are big and roomy, and despite my fears that they were kind of in the wrong place when I was sewing it up, it's fine when you wear it. Now when I wear the first Echino skirt, I'm all... but, where are the pockets in this thing?

It's very similar to the last circle skirt, but the zipper is in the back (so, it's in three pieces rather than two), and there's no button, only hooks and eyes to hold it together. And I finished the seams with the serger.

And then we went to Stitchalot and it was awesome!!! And I had just enough handmade skirts to wear one each day. I guess I need to start making some shirts, huh?

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