Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Echino Circle Skirt

I have had this book about making skirts without a pattern for a long long time, and I'm not going to recommend it because I am not entirely pleased, but I finally made a skirt using this book!

The fabric is this excellent Echino print from last year - It's called Pepe - on the soft linen cotton blend, and it's 54" wide, so you don't have to join pieces (though, I did - it's a directional print and I didn't want it to be upside down in the back).  I used two yards (well, I bought two yards, but frankly, it's a yard and a half for the skirt and 6-8" for a waist band, so you could get away with a 1 2/3 yards?)

I've got the same fabric in purple for my Camp Stitchalot bag. As much as I like the green, I think the purple is even better!

So, I did a zipper closure and a button, with a slight gather, because the way they have you estimate your waist made it a bit too large. But having taken Rae's skirt class, I am now an expert at gathering skirts. The problem, frankly, was the zipper, which looks terrible, and I followed the directions, and talking it over with my sister who knows about these things, we came to the conclusion that the book skips over a step or three, which is why I am not telling you about the book. But my next skirt will be awesome (awesomer! Still really happy with this one, poor zipper installation or not.)

Obligatory swirling shot. Sorry it's blurry. One of the kids was in charge of the camera, and swirling makes me super dizzy... so we didn't have a second take!

The other problem with circle skirts is the resulting two miles of hem. It was a lot of ironing and a lot of pins, followed by a lot of blind hem stitching. And when I dug out my blind hem foot, it had snapped into two pieces. So I used the standard foot instead. Which was fine, and what people have used for years and years, and I probably won't get that broken foot replaced, because as nice as it was, it's not a necessity in anyway.

Looking forward to wearing this without leggings soon!

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