Sunday, September 14, 2014

Princess Pip Skirt

When Jenn of A Jennuine Life put up her free tutorial for the pip skirt, I knew I had to make it for my daughter, and briefly considered being good and using stash fabrics, then thought, no, what would be perfect for my princess crazy daughter is a skirt using the princess print from Far Far Away. (I'm linking the blue, because the lavender one I used is sold out!)

So, I bought it, and decided that the yellow fairy dust dot from Enchanted would be a good match (it is! there is only one color in it not in the Far Far Away print...) A half yard of the dot, because I was going to use if for the contrast pockets, and a yard of the princess.. But that's not what happened.

I ended up swapping them. And because I wanted the princess to be a whole piece, from crown to shoes, the skirt is also longer than the pattern specifies, and the half yard of fairy dots wasn't enough.... So, I ended up splicing in princess on the hem to get the whole thing to size.

The cool thing about the pattern is it has a very easy way to put in the pockets:

The cool thing about the princesses is that one faces to the left and one to right, so by fussy cutting them I got two princesses, both looking forward:

Ha, these two picture are so not color corrected! I feel I should mention also that my pockets are wider than the pattern indicates to accommodate the princess without parts of her bed disappearing in the seams.

Two things, though, the 4T size that I made is the size right before one goes from needing half a yard of main print to more than that, and maybe it requires more fabric, as I used all of that dot, except:

 Then again, my skirt was longer, so maybe no one else will run into this issue?

And the second thing is that if you have a directional print for the pockets (especially when the print runs parallel to the selvages, as the princesses do) you need to by a yard of fabric (or 3/4?), rather than a half yard. It's really a case of needing to sit down and think about the pattern first before buying fabrics.

Anyway, it all turned out well for me (and my daughter):

She was demanding to wear it before the basting stitches were out, though I did convince her to wait until I got the elastic sewn together and the pin removed from the back...

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