Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Last Good Weekend

I was on vacation when the last free swatch offer on Spoonflower went up, so without access to a computer, I had to just pick something I knew I hadn't printed, so I picked my entry to the Noir contest - The Last Good Weekend.

The bird is just a watermark.
I posted this before, and here that is. The funny thing is that I say right there not to order it because it has a fake pattern repeat. And yet I completely forgot that 10 months later. Wouldn't you know?

Anyway. The other funny thing is that when I got my swatch of it in the mail, my four year old was all, Mommy, make me a bag from this! 

Yeah...no. I don't know what people think of me now, but I think if my kid is carrying around a bag with shot glasses on it, we all know what they'll be thinking then!

I took the swatch to the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild meeting, and it was a hit, so I'm writing this post primarily to provide the direct link to the fabric for interested friends.

I then realized there was a flaw - it was designed as a fat quarter, and the original design only extended 36" x 25". The repeat isn't mechanical, I placed each motif manually! I've managed to copy and paste more motifs into it till it's 44" x 36" so if you order a yard, you'll now have a full yard without issue, but if you order multiple yards, there's going to be a place where designs don't line up at the boundary between the first yard and the second (and so forth).

Another warning! The swatch I showed, the Eco Canvas, is at least in part polyester. The dyes they use are bright on polyester, but tend to be duller on a woven cotton. So the color may be slightly different from the swatch as well. 

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