Sunday, September 7, 2014

Positive Spin

I started school two weeks ago, taking two classes while working full time, and now I look at this blog with some anxiety, for my carefully laid plans have pretty much come apart, and I feel (not entirely incorrectly) that I am getting nothing done.

And also the thing I meant to blog about this week is in the laundry!

But, rather than focus on the things that are not as I hoped, I'll just show you what I have been actually doing these past few days:

I've been cutting all this fabric into hexagons for a lap quilt. I marked it out with a red fabric marker, cause I thought: "It'll be in the seam allowance, so who cares?" But then there are the places where I messed up and the marker jumped away from the template, so there may be a hexagon or two that has to be discarded, because it does show up on the reverse side.

I've started the spherical pincushion up again, this time with 5/8" sides.

I'm burying the ends from the first round of free motion quilting on this baby quilt. And there are a lot of ends... Can't show the front, it's a secret!

Marshaling (and increasing) my Tula Pink collection because I am going to do a presentation on her for one of my classes. Which I may need to put together tonight, come to think of it...

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  1. If you are working full time AND taking two classes, don't even worry about the blogging--we'll still be here when you have time to put up a post. As a proffie, I want you to worry about your homework and classes! That said, you do have a lot of fun things going on in your quilting world, and the Tulas are intriguing. Hang in there!