Sunday, January 18, 2015

In progress

I've been doing a lot of something in the sewing room this week, but nothing is getting finished.

Here is something I'm working on:

I've begun piecing this Red Ridinghood hexagon quilt, then finally did the quilt math behind it and realized I was way short on fabrics. Sadly, this print is way out of stock, so I went for some green unicorns:

And I decided to fussy cut because the unicorns are kind of large, so the risk of featuring butts with random cuts is too much.

Another project I am starting is cutting two collections of Cotton + Steel prints (and a few Rashida Coleman-Hale pre-C+S prints tossed in) and most of the C+S basics into small bits to make the Arabian Nights Quilt from A Quilter's Mixology. This is before:

This is with all them cut, but with subcutting still to come:

And I have two rows started on my fugitive flower quilt:

I haven't decided the order of the rows, or which backgounds will go with which petals, so that's why I am doing this in such a piecemeal manner.

Sadly my last good rotary cutter blade ran over a pin this morning, so I am stymied in my mad cutting (and paper piecing) marathon. I guess I should go back to piecing that Red Ridinghood quilt?

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