Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mini quilt swap!

I mentioned this before, but I'm in the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt swap, round 3. And I sent my quilt, and it was received, so here it is:

I used Camille Roskelley's mini spools pattern, because my partner had her listed as the designer she liked the most. But, seeing that her partner in round two gave her a mini made with this houses pattern, I added another column to shake it up, and because she had a quilt with apples where one had a bite taken out of it as a favorite on her mosaic, I put in a naked spool.

I tried to keep to designers she specified, but coral and brown went a bit astray. I used sketch for the spools cause it's my favorite basic, and comes in many shades of brown and grey.

I quilted with swirls, another favorite, using 40wt aurifil in a cream color, yet another favorite, and bound it with mint raindrops...

Here's the back:

I used this momo scissor print to fill up some empty space, and I pieced another spool with some additional Basic Grey scraps I found. And my label, of course. Although it is 2015 now, I swear I did have this finished in 2014!

For extras I sent some charms and a coordinating spool of aurifil, because I love it. I sent a box of cards, too, but they did not make it into the picture.

Now I just have to wait anxiously for my partner to send me mine! I have been following the swap as best I can, but I still have no idea which quilt is mine!

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