Sunday, January 11, 2015

small steps

Well, I have been sewing, but for swaps, and while one is done, it seems like next week would be better to post it, and the other is not really ready to show yet. (Though you can see both on Instagram.) Mostly I've been procrastinating starting on two large quilt projects by working on smaller ones...

There are two things I did accomplish that I can show you, the first is this:

Some small person I know discovered the existence of metallic fabric last weekend and her life would not be complete if she did not have a metallic fabric skirt. You may know that I loath the stuff, but what can a person do in the face of desire, but buy a yard of pink pearlized quarter dot, and a half yard of Metallic Sparkleflower (a half yard because I need the rest of it for something else, but never mind...) And make the world's easiest skirt, even if it does take an hour to hem.

The other thing I did was write my 2015 resolutions, though there are more things I want to add in specific, this hits the basic points:

And once I got that written I started on the list of quilts I want to make, which was something I have been trying to get started for weeks, but just ended up looking sadly at a piece of paper.

Yesterday I went to Joann's and bought thread to match all the fabric I'd bought for garments sewing (maybe I should say "most"?) which I did not already possess a reasonable thread choice for, and luckily it was 50% off on thread because it ended up being quite a bit:

Uh, you should see the piles of fabric this corresponds to!
(The spool of Aurifil I got at an LQS yesterday, and doesn't really belong in the picture. I don't use Aurifil to make clothes, being 100% cotton, it doesn't really stand up to the abuse... however, I did need more grey thread for piecing quilts.)

And I did see a friend yesterday! And drew something in my sketchbook, though it was a mess of random doodles. But it was a start. I guess that is what January is about.

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