Sunday, March 1, 2015

Quiltcon 2015

First, obligatory photo on Stitch Lab's giant sewing machine:

In the penguin mini skirt!

Secondly, my Kona score is 210 (out of 303).

And no, I did not get a tattoo. But I did have some barbeque, and went with some of my guild friends to Gourdough's where I ate (most of) this hideous thing:

And I took two classes, screen printing with Celina Mancurti (which was not as detailed as I'd hoped) and quick black printing with Lizzy House, which was just perfect.

screen printing with stencil

My block print.
I'm really glad I did not take a lot of classes, frankly, the whole expirience was really overwhelming, and to lock myself in classrooms for days did not appeal, (also, I didn't want to take a class on an unfamiliar sewing machine!) when all I wanted to do was be on the floor looking at quilts. Even so, I know I missed some. You can see some quilts I liked on my Instagram feed.

And these are mine, 1/3 Street Neighborhood:

and Orbits:

And this is one of our Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild charity quilts, but I had nothing to do with it:

Wow, I did not edit any of these photos, huh?  Anyway. Here's my bag on its return:

Alright, now that the photos are over, let's talk details. My favorite lecture hands down was Elizabeth Dackson's on Modern Traditionalism. The lecture I was looking the most forward to was absolutely terrible. Angela Walters's lecture was really inspiring, though the basic message was, practice and don't be too hard on yourself. Sherri Lynn Wood gave a great talk about her new book, which I bought, and hope to read soon. I really enjoyed Casey York's talk, and Heather Ross's lecture was really good as well, and I've really been thinking about what she said. And though I only went to the hobbyist to professional talk because my friend signed up for it, I thought it was full of quite valuable information.

But mostly it was a blast just hanging around and meeting amazing people. Though, as it's a generally solitary hobby, it's nice to be home. That was a pretty intense (and expensive!) experience. Also I did come home with a lot of fabric from visiting the vendors!

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