Tuesday, January 25, 2011

50 for 2011: #6 art for baby's room

Well, #6 was to be that pin-weaving nightmare I cast aside a few days back.  In its place, I made this:

altered puzzle

It's an altered puzzle.  I am a great fan of Craftster.org, and on there they have many much more accomplished and interesting ones, but, well, no one is stepping up to make one for me, so I just had a go at it.

I didn't look into how other people did theirs, but here's what I did: I bought a 24 piecer at the thrift shop, assembled it, flipped it over and numbered the backs.  Then I sanded the finish off, then glued stuff to them, then trimmed them with an exact knife.  Glued it to a piece of cardboard, went over it with Modpodge, and then glued shiny bits to it.

Some ingredients:

4 books - two about fossils, one about oceans, and one copy of "The Little Engine that Could"

4 pieces of my handmade paper

3 items cut out of my old sketchbooks (cat, snail, and the clothes the goose is wearing)

One purpose carved jellyfish stamp, because I got to the last piece and thought, what this puzzle really needs is jellyfish.

A lot of the rest is wrapping paper, things cut from magazines, and tissue paper...

I don't do a lot of paper  crafts, but I do hoard a lot of paper... I found this to be an extremely engrossing project, and worked on it with all my spare time for four days!

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