Monday, January 17, 2011

End of the Road, UFO!

So, this thing has been hovering in my house for about a year now.

pin weaving
It is so classically me, to look at something and think, oh how neat, what would happen if I made it on a gigantic scale...

So, picture me, eight months pregnant, no longer able to reach the loom over my giant stomach and having given up spinning two months earlier for the same reason, so, I put this thing together, and it was intended when finished to be joined with some long warp weaving bits to be a large wall hanging for the baby's room. But once she was born, I had no time, and now that things are calming down, I have no desire to work on this... monstrosity.

Also, I've come to doubt that it will hold together when taken down.  Much like the Tower of Babel, it is so large, it is an affront to God.

Although it is an item on my 50 for 2011 list, this thing, this pointy thing, with a few hundred tiny pins stuck in it, has got to go.

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