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Knitting Pattern: Baby Cupcake Hands

baby cupcake mittens
mmmmm.... cupcakes!
Now that I think about it, I'm not sure where this idea came from. Anyway, I made some cupcake/mittens for my daughter. The best thing about them (other than the double thickness of yarn making them quite warm) is that once they are outgrown, they can be moved right into the play food bin!

cupcake mittens

Pattern:   For babies 3-6 months


Yarn, two colors: one for the cake, the other for the icing; DK weight
Double Pointed Needles in size to achieve gauge
Stitch Marker
Tapestry Needle

Gauge: 6 stitches & 8 rows/inch

Inner mitten and cake:

Using one dpn, and cake color, CO 8 stitches, arrange evenly over three needles, with a stitch marker at the join.

Round 1: (k1, kfb) around  - 12 stitches

Round 2 (and all even rounds): knit all stitches

Round 3: (k1, kfb) around  - 18 stitches

Round 5: (k1, kfb) around  - 27 stitches

Round 7: k1, m1, k26

Knit until mitten reaches 3 inches long.

Work a 2/2 rib for 1 inch.

Knit one round.

Next round: (k4, m1) 6 times, k4 - 34stitches

Work a 1/1 rib for 2 inches.

Break yarn, and leave stitches on needles.

mitten and cake
you now have this


With two dpns held together, CO 48 stitches with icing color, then arrange evenly over three needles, with a stitch marker at the join.

Rounds 1 & 2: knit.

Round 3: (k2 tog, k2) to end - 36 stitches

** tricky bit **

Fold the 1/1 ribbing of the cake up.

mitten and cake
folding up cuff/cake

Bring your icing ruff up over the bottom of the cupcake, until it is laying next to the live cake stitches.

cupcake with icing at bottom
align icing with live cake stitches

Knit a cake and an icing stitch together with the icing yarn, all the way around. (You will be going backwards over the cake stitches... it's weird, but you will survive it!)

first stitch connecting the two
first stitch
the fourth stitch

NB - there are two more icing stitches than cake stitches; m1 stitch twice on the cake side over the course of the round.

Round 5-8: purl.

Round 9: (p2, p2tog) 9 times  - 27 sts

Round 10-12: purl.

Round 13: p1, p2tog (p2, p2tog) 6 times - 20 sts

Round 14: purl.

Round 15: (p2tog, p1) 6 times, p2tog - 13 sts

Round 16: purl.

Round 17: p1, (p2tog) 6 times - 7 sts

Break yarn, run needle through loops, and pull the top of the cupcake closed.

Weave in ends.

You can download this pattern as a pdf from Craftsy, although it doesn't spell out the tricky bit.

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