Tuesday, February 15, 2011

50 for 2011: #34. pouch for business cards

This turned out more elaborate than intended.  I was going to make a mug rug (a small 6x8" quilt for a glass and a small snack) but I ended up sewing things together with a different seam width than I'd planned when writing up the pattern, so nothing lined up.

Rather than throwing it out, I cut out the horrible bit, and, using some scraps from cutting out the pieces I had, I fashioned it into the pouch you see below.

pouch from the front
with salmon pink lining

pouch from the back
+ circles printed with fabric paint

I didn't want the button to be lonely, but I didn't want the pouch to be covered in buttons either. Screen printing to the rescue!

pouch in action
action shot!

It's a bit big (to accommodate the zipper), but that's better than my current business card pouch, which is too small.

Now the only question is: what fabrics do I use on the mug rug? I don't want them to be a matched set... that would seem a bit... odd.

I used this tutorial although it is for a top zipper. I managed to think my way through putting the zipper on the side, and I don't think I could explain it without illustrations. Perhaps I'd better make my own tutorial?

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