Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter Fleece Fair

I went to the Winter Fleece Fair at the Spinner's Flock spinning guild today. Well, I should say, I worked the Fleece Fair. I had some things for sale, but not much, I really wasn't planning on doing this sale, except two weeks ago, I said, well, really, why not? and just threw some things together.

small woven lady
I made this for the doorprize basket.
They say the more you have for sale, the more you sell, and I guess I proved that when you don't have much you don't sell much. ;)
But enough about sales! It was a blast! Not only did I hang out with people I knew were cool, I met a lot of people equally awesome (many who urged me to buy fiber animals! I would if I could, guys!) and compared notes on dyeing and spinning and children... well. And I talked with some friends who came to shop, and I met some people who I hadn't seen in forever, and I demonstrated drop spindling for people, who hopefully I will meet again in the future. And there were cookies!

And there was so much to look at. If you haven't been to this sale, and you're in the area, it is a treat. It is sooooooooooo much roving. It is a junior high school cafeteria filled 3/4 full of roving, and the rest yarn and felt making supplies.

And then I spent a lot of money. I bought roving: 8 oz of dark green, 4 oz of grey, and 8 oz of a mohair/wool mix in white (for dyeing), and an ounce of pink, and 4 oz of light gold, and a gorgeous hand painted roving from Happy Fuzzy Yarn. I didn't buy yarn, though I wanted to because I remembered my resolution. I probably should expand my resolution to include roving, though, because, buying that much at once is kind of sticker shock inducing.

I did make a resolution, though, looking at all that wonderful yarn. That I need to be a more daring spinner. I need to mix my rovings! I need to ply more dangerously! I need to add silk and sparkle and locks to things! I need to live on the spindle's edge!

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