Sunday, February 20, 2011

putting it out in the open

Here it is: enough to fill a full sized guest bed.

my fiber stash
let's just call this "before"

Let me walk you through this. The left front is silks, behind is mohair and alpaca, then assorted sheepy painted rovings (about half done by me) then solid and blended rovings, then carded batts across the back (all but one done by me). The middle is mostly rovings waiting to be overdyed, the far right is more solid colors or blended rovings, and the front right are my veggie fibers - the ingeo, tencil, viscose (unless they're the same?) and a little bit of banana fiber, and whatever they call the stuff made from plastic bottles.

And this isn't everything. I didn't include four rovings I've set out for spinning, or the roving set aside for the roving rug. And a box full of carded cormo batts. Also not included: a fleece and a half waiting to be processed and a bag of lincoln locks. But I think that is it?

And then I reorganized, and pulled out some things I'm most excited about to queue for working on.

I'm making March all about spinning. I need to work through some of this stash before it buries me...

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