Tuesday, February 22, 2011

apparently, I am a follower of trends

But first of all:

birthday cookie cake
it's my birthday! I made this cookie cake!

I love cookie cakes and usually, that's what I have for my birthday - when we lived in Central IL, I would pick one up at a cookie store down the street from where I worked, but I'm not sure they even have cookie stores here, but anyway the grocery store was out this weekend, and then we had a large snowfall, so I made one with a recipe from teh internets. Hopefully it's good...

As for the trend: mug rugs. another craftster.org obsession. I am not sure about them - I can see myself never using it, but a small quilting project (they are generally 6x8 inches) appealed to me, and I had an idea for a pattern, so I made one. Cutting and everything, I did this in two evenings.

mug rug front

mug rug back

Mostly, it's strips of fabric sewn into blocks, then those are cut and pieced back together, three pink fabrics on the front, three dark fabrics on the back. I cheated on the binding, cause I don't know what I'm doing. The machine quilting is awkward, cause I don't practice, and frankly, I find it somewhat stressful. Otherwise, I'm fairly pleased. The blocks on the back don't line up as well as could be wished, but the front does okay.

The screen print was adapted from a drawing by my elder daughter. I gave the mug rug to her, actually, as a memento of her current love of spooky things. She thinks I should make one for everyone in the family.  Well, maybe....

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