Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All in line for the sewing machine

First, there is this:

the new shirts, ready to be labeled
It is something on the order of twenty-four new shirts*, mostly toddler and preschool sizes, hardly one of which is identical to another.  I have another half dozen that are just a step or two from complete.

However, even for the done ones I can't sew on the labels yet, because:

quilt being quilted
I'm in the middle of something

This crib sized top is one I finished when I was pregnant with my first born! I told her it was hers yesterday and she pronounced that she was happy to turn it over to her sister... who is pretty soon going to outgrow this herself.

But I started this now, not because it needs to be done (because that is never a good reason to do something, after five years!), but because I wanted to get some experience quilting before I start on this:

jelly top
my baby! my jelly top!

It's about a foot and a half wide, by two feet tall. The circle black and white fabric is the chosen backing. Despite my work with the machine, I will probably have to hand quilt it, because of the fabric paint. And I'm horrid at quilting (ahem, inexperienced!), and I hate my machine's walking foot.... anyway, that way I can add beads, and use embroidery floss, which would be neat.

Also, today, I replaced the pocket in one of my bags. A bit of a long story, but it's nice, sometimes, to just whip through something so straight forward... Makes a change, for sure.

*I am already dreading the mammoth photography session in front of me with these. sigh.

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