Monday, July 11, 2011

Catch of the day

I went to the thrift store for more baskets, for my booth at my upcoming (first real) sale. And while I did get a few baskets (one for my kitchen, though, and one I'm not sure I can use, but it's metal! and one I probably will use, though I may cut off the handle...) I found something infinitely more interesting:

size 50 knitting needles
size 50 knitting needles

Now, this thrift shop is run by someone who knows what they are doing, most times, and it's got a huge craft section, where the craft supplies are not so cheap as one might wish, so it was something of a shock to come upon these in the toy section, each individually priced. At 10 cents apiece. I wonder what they thought they might be.

Of course, having found them in the toy section, the kids wish to persist in the notion that they were toys. My elder daughter was demanding some knitting needles to play with when I took these away from her. Now they're secreted in my needle stash, and hopefully, the episode will be forgotten by the kids...

And here are the signs for the sale. It's one sign, really, it's a double faced frame from Ikea ($2) painted with sparkly black acrylic paint.  The picture at the base is an original computer printed out design from which the screen prints are drawn onto the screens. Then it's decorated with tissue paper, crayons and markers.

my sign(s)
my sign(s)!

I still need to do one more - for fingerless gloves. And I still owe you guys pictures of the shirts. They look good, I can tell you, but every time I think of it, it's nearing midnight, and I'm sure we're all sick of these lightless pictures I am taking.

Like now.

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