Friday, July 8, 2011

And in this jar...

I have a sale coming up, I suspect I didn't mention it. I'm going to be at Festibooks on Saturday, July 23.

These shirts are going to be the last ones until after that, mostly because I need to get them all labeled and priced, but partly because I'm pretty much out of soda ash, which fixes the dye to the fabric...

low immersion dyeing
low immersion dyeing

Most of the shirts have been tub dyed in groups of 6-10, but I only had four this time, and with the shortage of soda ash, I went this route. You use 1/5 the amount of soda ash, as well as much less dye because of the small volume of water.

The trade off is that you get uneven dyeing, but I never stir my tubs as much as I should, and I always get uneven dyeing. I prefer the look really, because it doesn't look like anything else I've seen around. However, this takes that handdyed mottled look to the extreme.

I'll post the final products in a day or two.

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