Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another week, another contest

I entered one fabric design into the contest that Connecting Threads is running this week (well, it is actually running for the next two and a half weeks).

However, though I am happy to show you the picture, I am not going to ask you to vote, with nearly 30 pages of designs to comb through, you have to make that choice on your own!   o.O (Though, due to my name being early in the alphabet, mine is on page 2. Just in case you want to vote anyway. hint. hint. hint.)
And here it is:

Not a haunting moon, but a haughty moon.
Do I have a story behind this? Not really, more of a feeling. It's been a less than awesome summer, actually, we've been unable to take a vacation, and I've had some health unhappiness (nothing major - the worst was a sinus infection, but sometimes it feels like constant small irritations - though most of that is just allergies) and of course the weather has been crummy... And finally I just thought, I haven't drawn in *ages* and that's probably what the issue is. I only draw when I am happy, you see, so I decided that if that was true, maybe drawing makes me happier? So when I started sketching everything that day came out moons, and I drew a few, then made this design, and when the contest came along... Well, I entered it because it was recent, and a stand alone design.

And now I am trying to draw everyday! And the drawing from last week came out of it. I am also trying to blog more, but we'll see how that shakes out, won't we?

And speaking of voting, it's the last full day to vote for my firefly design on Spoonflower!

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