Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lotta Jansdotter quilt, part 2:

First, again, here was my plan for the pattern:
but I thought that would be too busy

And then, I thought I could make 20 blocks and sash them up to size, with some extra Lotta Jansdotter prints:
but I put it up on the design wall and thought, blah.
So, hell with that. No more straight settings! I began laying it out in rows, because my design wall is three feet by four feet, and I can't use it for large projects.

I broke up the blocks. I ended up using more than 20 blocks of the colors and a lot of other prints.

And once assembled and basted, I quilted it with a loose geometric fill.

And here it is!

ta da!

And close ups!

a few random views

Let's see it on a bed!

A kid's room; I tried to photograph around the mess.

The only issue I had putting this together was the last row. Initially, there was too much white space, so I had to rip it out and scrounge around for more 2.5" blocks to assemble into more 9 patches.

But I am so happy with the result! So it's worth it. I was going to give this too a kid, but I love it too much to let a kid have it. So, it'll lie on the guest bed for now.

And here is my favorite bit, a print from Bella:
And you can see the back, and the binding

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