Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sewing room expansion!

I've just completed (well, mostly) my newest sewing room updates, complete with a trip to Ikea, so I thought I'd share.

This is my cutting surface, the clearest it's been in years. About half of the desk and all the the little file cabinet is storage for patterns.  The red Ikea drawer unit holds thread, quilting notions, buttons, and orphan blocks.

Opposite the desk:

This is also pretty much unchanged - my sewing table (stores bobbins, hand sewing supplies, machine parts and manuals, bag hardware, zippers, etc.) On top two machines, dvd player (very important) and ironing table.  Although the addition of storage for interfacing and batting in the hall outside the room, has eased the amount of stuff I had crammed under the ironing board. It's not very attractive, but amazingly useful to have this organized:

Looking towards the closet, beside the sewing table I have a rolling cart, the bin on top is for projects that I can work on when I am away from my machine (it's empty! gasp!) and under it are two bins of linen (one solid, and one printed) and two bins of ribbon and trim.

The top shelf is bobbin lace supplies, mine and those I inherited from my great aunt, three shelves of scraps, the Ikea drawer unit that I store WIP and my new rolling Raskog... It's awesome, it's thin enough to get in and out of a small space, and can roll over to either the sewing machine or the design wall...

Which is opposite my fabric in this half room in the hallway:

I got a new bookcase for it at Ikea, as well, the right one - the bookcase that was previously holding that fabric is now back to holding batting. With four shelves rather than three, I now have storage for large cuts (at the bottom) rather than full and queen sized backings (on the top). I also moved the Big Shot over here, because it had outgrown (well, the dies) its allotted space inside the sewing room. The pile of fabric on the top left is stuff I think I should destash eventually.

There is another bookcase, in another closet, that holds all my non-linen, non-quilting cotton fabric stash, but it's best not mentioned. Except that having enough places to put everything certainly makes having a lot of stuff a lot less crazy making. Though, seriously, I have too much stuff. 

And here is the design wall (and the carts!) in action. I'm working on a quilt using the fabric line Garden Party Tango by Melissa Ybarra of Iza Pearl Design, whose last collection was the awesome Hello Gorgeous.

And that's the tour! Any questions?

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