Tuesday, March 4, 2014

So, it's Tuesday evening...

And I am wondering whether to scramble for a Work in Progress Wednesday post.

I am working on something.

Several things, frankly.

Not sure I'm ready to go public with anything. I don't have any long stories in me at the moment.

I also have lots of schoolwork... Though at least I managed to get prereqs waved for the classes I'd like to take before registration starts. Which is sort of a miracle; I'm becoming the queen of dropped balls. I'm also obsessing over Camp Stitchalot. It's a wonder I haven't started packing. I do find myself staring at the calendar, willing the time to pass.

I'm also obsessing about this pattern I just bought. I have a great desire to make a lot of little houses. I'm thinking solids, a color gradient. Like a sunrise? Nothing concrete, I'm afraid.

I'm having a moment of being all plans and no action. Or, more precisely, having too many plans and being mired in all of them.

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