Tuesday, July 15, 2014

shorts shorts shorts shorts....

Having successfully made one pair of shorts for my kid, having rewritten a pattern to do so, and simply having the personality that once I do something, I just want to keep doing that same thing until I am sick to death and never want to do it ever again, ever...

I made some more! The two on the sides are oxfords, the one in the center is just quilting cotton.

I cut all the pieces out in one go, then I've been putting them together bit by bit over the last week and a half. Now I've put the pattern and the directions into an envelope and stored it away, and I'm moving on. Can't always only make shorts!

These were the first pair sewn of the set, and the last cut. I only had a half yard of these hedgehogs from Kokka, where the pattern needs 3/4 of yard, so it was a bit interesting. I shortened the leg by an inch, and the waistband was made from two pieces, rather than one, because that's how I could make it work. I believe the pockets are a Michael Miller Ta Dot?

Waterfall on the right.
For this crazy print, I fussy cut out individual pieces, trying to keep the map and the waterfall out of the crotch area. The pockets are Lizzy House stripe from Hello Pilgrim. I'm holding on to if for the binding of a quilt that's still (sigh) in pieces, but I have more than I need, so I sacrificed some, because it's nearly the same odd orange as the bear's flag.

And here's the map...
Maybe that could have gone better, now that I am staring at it again. Hmmm. Anyway!

The final pair is a Tula Pink ladybug print with some Monaluna trees. I don't really have a comment about it. I tried using starch on the waistband, rather than just steaming it, and that seemed to make things easy, I guess.

Now I just need to find a shorts pattern for me! I don't think I'd be chill with the elastic waist, though.