Thursday, July 24, 2014

Update on lime green squares, part two

Part one is over here. This is a back burner project I'm trying to make some headway on, but I have a few (secret!) things I have deadlines for, so I'm not sure when this is coming together, but here's where it's gone in the last week or so.

Today it looks like this:

Or broken down:

I have two trays of pairs to piece into four patches.

A few four patches waiting to be cut up into curves.

A box full of curves waiting to be pieced into blocks, trimmed on the sizzix as outlined in this post.

And 80ish backgrounds. But because these are larger than the sizzix die, I've been having to cut them with a template and a pair of scissors! I know, it's shocking. I've only cut 3/4 of them, which, seems like the rest of the quilt, doesn't it?

And these are some complete units using the sizzix for both the curve and the background. But I suspect, not as many as I need! Because... that's how things are going for this quilt. Well, maybe one day I can start assembling this, and find out. In theory, it's a twin sized quilt.

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