Thursday, July 31, 2014

Soft Scoop Cushion

I subscribed to Quilt Now after hearing Katy Jones talk about it at Camp Stitchalot, and got my first issue two weeks ago (I'm guessing? I have no idea. My memory is unreliable.)

At any rate, it's very beautiful, with tons of interesting projects - I especially like Sara Peterson's Modern Curves quilt. And there are articles too! And now that I'm looking at it again, I can't help but think I only skimmed it before, and I need to actually sit down and read it.

I made something from it though, Laura Jane Taylor's Soft Scoop Cushion, because I'm obsessed with low volume fabrics. I made it all in Heather Bailey's Up Parasol fabrics (with solids from my stash) because, I don't know, the thought crossed my mind, and then I had to make it work.

I love this line, because it's so very low volumesque, but with these bright fun colors. And those birds! I thought this pattern was fun. It's fairly straightforward, but it looks complicated. The first block I assembled, I felt like a genius. Then when I was trimming them, I noticed one that had its hst block rotated, and had to sort that out. So, I guess I'm not a genius after all.

And here you can sort of see what I was trying to go with the quilting. It's not perfect, or anything, but it'll serve.

And now I have lots of bird themed pillows on my windowseat:

This is the second project I've made with my bundle of Up Parasol. I used three prints in this Road Trip Case I made for my kid:

And with all that, I still have lots of left overs, and 8 fat quarters I haven't cut into yet:

Must think of some exciting project for those...

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