Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Crafts - Part 1

lion toy
growl... roar!
I didn't do much Christmas crafting this year; my parents and a few others decided not to exchange gifts, much to the relief and surprise of me and my sisters.  And it has cut down a great deal on what I had to do, my initial list was much more complicated...

First - the knit and crocheted items:

Mario Brother's Mushroom
dee dee dee...

The pattern is here. Mine is much larger, I've added rows (basically I crocheted three rows for every two in the pattern) and increase it to about 100 stitches around at the widest point.

lion toy

This lion was for my youngest child.  I started the mane three times, and swore that if the third did not work out, I'd do it with crochet, but I managed it at last.

The pattern's ravelry page is here. But I am not really recommending the pattern... it's alright, but I went my own way with the face. And the ears are too big!  Also, the back of the head looks a bit- under designed.

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