Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crafts of the Past - beaded pin

The thing I loved about craft swaps was the freedom to experiment.  The thing I hated about craft swaps was just about everything else.  So, I don't do them anymore.  And everything is fine.  But as I was downloading pictures from my old blog hosting thing (I'm no longer going to pay for it, so I may lose picture hosting?) and uploading everything relevant to Craftster.org and then relinking all the pictures to their new urls (alright, that sentence is not accurate, but you get the picture, yeah?) for hours, I found this little gem, which apparently, I never even posted a picture of...

the word knit inside a heart
knit = love

That pretty much sums up my opinions on the subject.  Made on a bead loom, sewn to some sort of backing, I guess, with a pin.  My memory is foggy!

Also, I apparently haven't posted to Craftster in like 9 months?  so crazy, Craftster was my life for a long time.  Then again, my baby is 9 months old.  A coincidence? Maybe... not.  :)

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