Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Business

Well, here it is, the day before the new year.  And here is my resolution:

I will not buy new yarn all year.  I will be shopping from my stash - both for yarn and fabric, I expect.  I don't know how long it will last, but hopefully, I'll be spinning more.

I've also joined a Craft-along on Craftster about doing 50 projects in the course of the year.

Here's the list, which I'm sure will be revisited often!

1. spin purple/red sock yarn
2. spin yellow/orange yarn
3. spin green/black yarn

4. crochet wagon wheel bag
5. pink woven scarf
6. giant pinwoven wallhanging for baby's room
7. cat quilt
8. rainbow bag
9. hat for myself

in the queue:
10. make lap loom
11. sun and moon modpodge screens for screen printing

12. two or three abstract screens for screen printing
13. scarf for baby
14. skirt for older child
15. decoupage boring spindle(s)
16. woven creature with pile technique
17. mitten pattern for size 2 needles (& resultant mittens) 2-3 pairs?
18. worsted weight linen stitch mittens from scrap yarns
19. mittens from silk/wool yarn
20. mittens from pink yarn
21. turquoise socks
22. mittens from purple yarn
23. rainbow lace socks
24. spin up lots of brown/blue batts - weave into army of creatures
25. comb and spin romney yarn
26. comb and spin lincoln locks
27. weavette scarf
28. ghost screen for screen printing
29. rag rug (or 3)
30. spin up orange roving and make into mittens (what else?)
31. spin up remains of Shetland fleece
32. tiger screen for screen printing
33. dye yardage

new/resurfacing ideas:
34. pouch for business cards
35. use new placemat loom (!)
36. paper making
37. dishtowels
38. dpn storage
39. felted sweaters into stuffies
40. portable knitting kit
41. green child sweater
42. red roving rug
43. knitting project bag
44. weave kitchen curtains
45. scarf loom
46. beaded santa kit
47. crochet snowmen
48. upcycle green sweaters into christmas trees
49. dye silk scarf
50. redo sewing room

Some of that has been on the list for years, so.... not sure it will happen now. I'm only surprised there is so little sock knitting!

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