Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis the season to ask oneself what one wants

Christmas list!

Placemat Loom from CraftSanity
- and hey, she's got a 12" square loom, I wouldn't mind owning. :D
Crochet hooks in sizes F and G
fancy pretty drop spindle (top whorl only, please.)
(Even if you don't spin, go ahead and look, some are just jaw-dropping!)

I could do with a few more bobbins for my Majacraft Suzy
I'd like to get a sample of California Red, Masham, and/or Polwarth wool for spinning (all available from the Spinning Loft)
I'd like a flick carder
Also: dude we were totally discussing how to build this contraption that one time!  And it's the first one I've seen that I'm not fainting over the price.  :P

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