Thursday, December 23, 2010

Close encounters of the clawed kind

My family and I went out of town last weekend to see more family before Christmas.

My aunt and uncle always have at least three, generally two (large) dogs and a cat; but these days, there are two dogs and two cats.  The cats are siblings, and just around a year old; a male and a female.  Skinny little shy things, and you'd hardly notice they were there, most of the time.

Unless you're a knitter and you leave your knitting bag unattended.  And, say, go to bed.


I was working on a pair of fingerless gloves, as it is a quick, small project - perfect for travel, and I use my size 3 dpns, of which I have two sets, which I like to keep together.  I had one glove mostly completed, attached to the ball of yarn.

In the morning, the yarn was broken into a few balls, and sitting on the kitchen table, having been gathered from the far corners of the house by my aunt and uncle, and not only that, two of the needles were chewed straight through!

The glove itself was in fairly good shape, and once I was sure all the stitches were there, and had substituted new needles for the broken ones, I packed the bag up again, and put it somewhere so I could have breakfast. Two minutes after that, a cat went over to it and stuck its head in.  :P

My aunt, somehow, is no longer doing much knitting... she's had to throw away skeins and skeins of yarn due to tangles beyond human patience.  They wait until no one is looking and steal yarn and then drag it to the basement, and chase it about.  And it doesn't matter if you button up your bag (which I did!) because they just ooze in around the sides.

I locked my bag in the suitcase that night.  And I was able to keep knitting (whew!), because I did have those extra needles, though they are not so extra now... I've only two of my original hardwood needles left and I'm too rattled to use them. (The two that were broken were hardwood ones, the bamboo needles were untouched.)

I also, apparently, need a new more catproof knitting bag.

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