Saturday, March 26, 2011

cross section of a project: jellyfish pillow - part 1

Step 1: print and set fabric paint.
jellyfish prints

jellyfish stamps
and this will be the back
Step 2: prep for dyeing - shibori techniques.

back, bound
the back: this creates a sort of spiderweb, as you will see.
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more shibori
left - woodgrain effect, right - circles

odd and ends, shibori
other things going in the dye bath and more shibori
The jar has a crumpled bit of fabric in it. The fabric on the outside is pleated, then tied to the jar.

Step 3: dye, rinse out excess, dry and untie.

front, post dyeing
front, post dyeing

back, post dyeing
back, post dyeing
shibori pieces
shibori pieces: circles, woodgrain, pleats, crumpled, and plain

And this:

mustard yellow, overdyed pink
mustard yellow, overdyed pink = burnt orange
Step 4: prepare fabric for next round of dyeing!

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