Monday, March 28, 2011

cross section of a project: jellyfish pillow – part 2

pink overdyed with blue

Continued from previous post.

Step 5: light blue dye bath.

just the blue
pleats, woodgrain effect, crumpled, circles, and plain blue (with screen prints)

I do love the circles, but they're kind of a pain... you will notice the pieces with circles are getting smaller.

But it is not just blue, because pink and blue make a very vivid purple. So (parts of) pieces from part 1 continue on:
pink overdyed with blue


shibori overdyed with blue with wax resists
pink shibori overdyed with blue with wax resists.

And then the most complicated bit, the pink pieces subjected to shibori techniques before being dyed blue:

blue shibori over pink background
pleats, woodgrain effect (both on plain), and circles (over crumpled pink)

And this, too:

mustard yellow, overdyed light blue
mustard yellow, overdyed light blue; pleated (left), crumpled (right)

Step 6: prepare pieces for third dye bath (more pink!)

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