Thursday, March 3, 2011

March in spinning

Sorry about the obligatory March/march pun.  At any rate.  I'm leading a spin-a-thon on Craftster.org - the point being to spin from stash or at least accomplish a few fiber related goals.  Mine is 10 yarns from stash, and at least one of them a "scrap" yarn - that is made from bits of different rovings/dyed locks.

I am planning it to be an all shetland sock weight yarn (don't get me started! I love sock-weight, and perhaps this is why I never get anything done)... for making socks.

Of course, whenever I say, well, I'm going to spend March spinning or something like, I end up dreaming about writing a science fiction novel about mental illness or using my newly purchased 50 zippers to make zippered pouches, or sorting out all the beads and buttons in these two gallons of assorted tiny things I scavenged from my parents' house.

But! I've done some carding, and picked out some coordinating silk roving, and all I have to do now is spin the damn thing.

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