Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March spinalong - last week's update

So, I've been extremely negligent of this project, while pushing the dyeing thing through at top speed - at least on the blogging end. In this reality over here, I have finished yarn #8, #9 is ready for plying, and #10 is half prepped to spin. I think it may happen, guys!

But let's go to the pictures.

alpaca, merino, silk
#5: a bit over 50g, alpaca, merino, glitz, and silk
wool, long stripes
"#6: about 50g. wool, long stripes (the blueish green was dyed by me)

corridale cross with alpaca
#7: about 150 g, corriedale cross with dark green alpaca

Fiber for #5 was from Kickapoo Creek Alpacas, which may sadly be defunct. #7 is from ColorBug Yarns on Etsy - I really think it's the prettiest roving I've ever spun. It's her Beautiful Butterfly colorway.

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