Thursday, March 24, 2011

zip zip zip

This post will make me look way more productive than I am, by virtue of procrastination leading to making two posts at once.

I've become a bit obsessed over the zippered pouch, once I figured out how to make them lined and with the zipper on the side.  You may remember my tutorial...

So, I thought, why not make some for, you know, profit?

Here are the first three- the brave few, the prototypes:

three pouches
here they are!

I put screen prints on some of the fabric, cause I worried they wouldn't look unique enough without it.

zippered pouches
and the other side.

However, it turns out, they are a bit short for, say, pencils, which is what I had in mind as a stated purpose (though, of course, I never sat down to measure a pencil). Also, my topstitching is without confidence, so the next set omits the topstitching.  Also, I had many deep discussions with people about which way the zipper should open. The conclusion is: no one knows for sure!

more pouches
Not the greatest photograph ever taken.

more pouches
These are longer, as well, but I have yet to try to put a pencil in one. Or measure a pencil. Man, I'm really falling down on that relation of product to reality bit.

I've got some more planned - guyish and gender neutral ones, I don't know if there's a market, but, well, why not?

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