Friday, March 18, 2011

Mid-March spinning update!

I am finding my 10 yarns in the month of March to be much more achievable than I suspected at the outset. Honestly, I'd figured 8 was my limit. At the halfway point, I had finished the fifth yarn.  And I had taken days off from spinning.

Why has it been so easy? I think that there are two likely causes. First, I'm mostly making 2 oz skeins, which is the smallest unit of yarn from which something useful might be made. Secondly, the estimates were based on my experiences with my old wheel, and my new one is much faster.

Either way, I'm in good shape! And I'm already working on skein 6, which will be self striping and navajo plied. And I'm scheming about more yarn, which is the important part of the challenge.

Here is the fourth skein:

skein 4
light blue wool, teal silk, and mystery blend (maybe some alpaca?)

I don't have a picture of #5, though it is silk, alpaca, and merino... brown and blue with bronze glitter highlights. I'm on the fence about it, I'll explain when I post pictures.

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